Hey, I'm Drew!

I'm co-maker of Danger Crew, an RPG about being a programmer. We made it all in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here's Danger Crew on Steam and here's our official website.

I'm currently working with Glenn LaBarre on Danger Crew 2. We're using Godot this time around.

I write, give talks, and do podcasts about helping people get started with game development. If you're interested in making games, you should reach out to me and tell me about whatever you're making/want to make!

I try to document my thoughts, adventures, and advice for myself to remember on this website.

Blog Posts

Life Updates: December 2019

Random thoughts and headlines about things happening in my life

Posted: December 11, 2019
Tags: Life

VIDEO: Scenarios and Story Points in JavaScript games

Another video on my tiny YouTube channel

Posted: December 10, 2019
Tags: YouTube

VIDEO: Creating stateful SVG interfaces from pixel art

Another video on my tiny YouTube channel

Posted: November 06, 2019
Tags: YouTube

VIDEO: Sprite Sheets in HTML & CSS Tutorial

A new video on my tiny YouTube channel

Posted: November 04, 2019
Tags: YouTube

Unsolicited Advice for Finishing Big Side Projects

Things I try to remember when sticking with a giant side project

Posted: October 11, 2019
Tags: Life


It was an honor for me to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts: Syntax! Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski.

Posted: September 10, 2019
Tags: LifeDanger Crew

Making an editor

Building tools that help make the thing

Posted: August 25, 2019
Tags: LifeDanger Crew

CodePen blog posts

I write on there, too.

Posted: August 24, 2019

VIDEO: DenverScript June 2019

Here's a video of my presentation at a JavaScript meetup...

Posted: July 10, 2019
Tags: LifePresentations

Quick Thoughts - Back to work

Starting to get things done after a few weeks of traveling

Posted: May 26, 2019
Tags: LifeTravel

Danger Crew Best and Worst Decisions: Having a Feedback Form

Having an embedded feedback form allows us to hear directly from people as they play

Posted: May 18, 2019
Tags: Danger CrewDanger Crew: Best and Worst Decisions

Danger Crew Best and Worst Decisions: Releasing on Steam

It was always supposed to be a web game, but changing our focus to Steam at the last minute was probably a good thing

Posted: May 18, 2019
Tags: Danger CrewDanger Crew: Best and Worst DecisionsSteam

Lessons learned from first game launch on Steam

Silly mistakes and other things I've encountered while releasing a game on Steam

Posted: May 16, 2019
Tags: Danger CrewSteam

Quick Thoughts - Vegas

I'm writing this from a hotel in Las Vegas. There's a roller coaster outside

Posted: May 11, 2019
Tags: LifeTravel